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Florida Cost Per Meg Analysis

Florida Cost Per Meg Analysis
Logan Malan
Business Development Manager

Year over year trends of FL's average cost per meg for wide area network (WAN) and dedicated internet access (DIA).

BroadbandHub has analyzed cost per meg data since the second modernization order of the E-rate program in 2016. Here, we focus on Florida. BroadbandHub is quickly becoming a leading resource for national broadband intelligence and E-rate analytics. Thousands of schools and libraries are advancing their broadband access and utilizing Universal Service Administrative Company’s Schools and Libraries E-rate Program to help fund these initiatives.

BroadbandHub is enabling service providers, consultants, and applicants to manage the E-rate process and understand how E-rate funding continues to impact the K12 community in positive ways. 2024-04-08T21:34:43.135Z

BroadbandHub is highlighting cost per meg averages for wide area network (WAN) and dedicated internet access (DIA) in Florida for the 2021 E-rate filing year. In the table below we detail the average cost per meg across the entire state.


In the heat map below, BroadbandHub has detailed the cost per meg for WAN and DIA by county. Using BroadbandHub’s mapping solution, we can drill down to deeper layers to understand the cost per meg for WAN and DIA in even more restricted geographies and across multiple filing years. 2024-04-08T21:34:27.273Z 2024-04-08T21:35:23.972Z

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